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Global Hiring: Recruitment and Outsourcing Agency, North Macedonia

Our team provided strategic consultation and developed a unique marketing approach for Global Hiring, a prominent recruitment and outsourcing agency based in North Macedonia.

By differentiating from competitors’ efforts, we successfully enhanced the agency’s visibility and appeal, resulting in a significant increase in business and a higher influx of candidates for job positions across Europe.


Global Hiring


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Global Hiring - Digital Marketing by Empixa Marketing

Brief & Idea.

Global Hiring approached Empixa to handle all social media communications and grow the brand’s identity to attract potential clients as well as potential employees. Global Hiring requested that the marketing messages resonate well with each audience segment.
  • Create Marketing Message
  • Develop Marketing Strategy
  • Design Artwork
  • Write Post Descriptions
  • Advertise to respective Audiences
Our marketing strategy leveraged a combination of online channels to maximize reach and engagement:
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X
Global Hiring - Digital Marketing by Empixa Marketing


Our marketing efforts have successfully increased the visibility and business for Global Hiring as intended. We continue to create new content and targeted ads for Global Hiring, as of June 2024.

  • Social Media Audiences: We researched and developed an effective social media target audience strategy, ensuring our messages reached the right demographics.
  • Creative and Unique Artwork: We designed visually appealing and resonant artwork by combining impactful photos with compelling text, enhancing the effectiveness of social media descriptions.
  • Website Landing Page Views: Our advertising campaigns directed traffic to the website, tailored to each audience segment, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.
  • Lead Generation: We generated substantial traffic to the website, and with an optimized website design flow, Global Hiring received numerous business opportunities and candidate applications.


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