Bento to Go! Campaign



We successfully introduced a unique Japanese cuisine dish to the Maltese market. The project involved identifying the dish, developing a project concept, creating a campaign strategy, and designing engaging content. 

Our digital marketing strategy utilized Google display ads, social media marketing, and printed flyers.

The campaign resulted in high-quality product photography and creative concept photography, enhancing the visual appeal and establishing a strong brand identity by reaching current and potential customers through various channels.



Foodisland Sushi & Japanese


Marketing, Photo and Design

Brief & Idea.

Our primary marketing goal was to introduce a unique Japanese cuisine dish to the Maltese market, targeting a dish not widely available or heavily advertised. The project involved several key steps:
  1. Identifying a unique Japanese dish.
  2. Developing a comprehensive project concept.
  3. Outlining a detailed campaign strategy.
  4. Designing engaging content to support the campaign.
  5. Create Target Audiences
  6. Run Paid Digital Marketing

Our marketing strategy leveraged a combination of online and offline channels to maximize reach and engagement:


Google Display Ads: Targeted display ads to create awareness.

Social Media Marketing: Engaging potential customers through compelling content on social media platforms.


Flyers: Distributing promotional flyers in a strategic and creative way, that is not very common, so we cannot disclose information.


As planned from the start, the campaign was a resounding success. Our client was highly impressed with our approach and the impressive results we achieved.

Take a look at the campaign in action. We provided only a sample of the content. In total there was 30 different content.

Google Ads Network

Social Media Posts

Social Media Stories

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